Remix for Arian 1

#Arian1 announces the release of the new #Single #SpendTheNight,  remixes will feature artists such as Gunmaker, Reaxion Guerrilla, Die Braut, Bleeding Corp. y Struck 9,  this new single will be released during October under the label Insane Records.

Remixed Rituals

Ritual Body Music remixes album is coming soon. Remixes by People Theatre Raul Parra, Bloque del Sur and more.  It will be released on Vinyl and Digital through Bandcamp Site.  

Struck 9 @ Bodybeat

We have built our own Ebm Festival in Colombia, to suport new acts. Bodybeat Fest 100% Colombian talent. Modernista, Delectro, Resistor & Fabio Porch .